Blue Rose Limited


A proud affiliate of the Blue Rose Group of Companies manufactures and distribute specialized, high quality concrete hardscape and masonry products.

Our office is located in Blue Rose City at Kasoa in the cheap replica watches UK Central Region of Ghana.

We produce diverse kind of hardscapes and masonry products including;

Blue Rose
  • Blocks
  • Pavement Blocks
  • U Drains
  • Kerbs
  • Culvet Cover
  • Pavement Slabs
  • Coppings
  • Flower Coppings

Whatever your project (big or small) and application such as residential, commercial or governmental, BRCP will offer the best products on time to suit your need as well as impress and entertain for years to come. This is because "When We Promise, We Deliver".

We recognize the role we must play to ensure sustainable development of our global village, therefore, we employ innovative technology that will require fewer natural resources and emit less carbon. BRCP is committed to produce quality and affordable products as well as achieving a workplace free of accidents or incidents.

Call us on +233-(0)-50-132-6969 for further enquiries.


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