Blue Rose Services Limited

Our company has three key values which is closely linked to the Blue Rose Group thus, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity.

We believe that with our progressive approach and timely provision of services, we will be one of the leading brands in property management services in Ghana, Africa and the World in the next 10 years of operation.

Blue Rose
Operating Highlights

For starters we believe in a progressive approach of developing our brand linked totally with the aims and visions of the Blue Rose Group. Therefore we would begin with just four vital parts of our services and progressively add the other segments of our business in the shortest possible time.

These services include;

Brokerage Services- this would include the provision of rental facilities for our clients and clients of Blue Rose Limited and its other subsidiaries.

Property Management - generally this service would be a focal point in providing the best property management guidelines and operations in providing our clients with the best maintenance approach, security and sanitation systems and other areas through professionally managing, operating, controlling and overseeing their real estate.

Research and Advisory - Blue Rose Service has an array of professionals and expects in real estate management and consultancy. With over 20 years of experience in horticulture and construction our mother company has had its bench mark on providing quality and affordable houses for its clients. With the establishment of the Blue Rose Services Limited, some of the best professionals have been put together to provide the solid advisory and research consultancy in our field of operations which include general real estate consultancy, preliminary valuations, property registration and titling, land permit and many others.

Facilities Management - the provision of safety and security standards adherence for our clients, specialized consultancy services and environmental sustainability for facilities like schools, sports complex and other corporate environment, will be provided with an added bouquet of our segmented services.

These are some of the service providers to be engaged after a Memorandum of Understanding is signed between both parties.

  • Ghana Water Company
  • Electricity Company of Ghana
  • Zoomlion Waste Company
  • Blue Rose Limited Contractors
  • Blue Rose Limited Professional Associates
  • Tridot Company
  • Zoomlion Sewage Company
  • Private Security Company Etc.

Blue Rose Services Limited… Excellence, Innovation, Integrity …


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