Blue Rose Sports Complex

Blue Rose Sports Complex is a gym with otherfacilities for cardio exercise and weight training programme.

Additionally, it is a community center for all kinds of games (Table tennis, Football pitch, snooker, chess, etc).It also has a modern barbering shop attached to it.

For us, living actively is not about building muscles or breaking records. It is about whatever makes you happy.

Blue Rose

We are proudly part of the Blue Rose Group and are located at Kasoa, beneath Blue Top Estate.

We believe that exercise is medicine and it has dosage. So we don't preach. We don't promise instant six packs or loss of weight. But we'll help, support and encourage you every step of the way. It's about our journey together. We want to celebrate your victories and help lift your spirits when you're struggling. We want the focus to be on feeling good, rather than looking good, because everyone has a different image of what looking good looks like. The fact is – we are all different. We all have different reasons for getting fit, and it is our job to get the best out of every member. So whatever your goals are, you'll always have someone to motivate, encourage and inspire you.

We welcome people from all walks of life, fit or unfit, all we ask is that they commit to the exercise programs we put in place for them. Our fitness programs include workouts using machines, high-intensity interval training, and functional movements.

At Blue Rose Gym we are realistic about what it takes for people to achieve their physical goals. We don't believe in short cuts or quick fixes but we promise to walk down the path of transformation with you, as far as you are willing to go. Our coaching and our classes are very different from traditional gym training and help our members to become fit for outside of the gym and prepared for any real life situations.

Call us on +233-(0)-50-132-6969 for further enquiries.

BRSC ..........Your Health Our Priority.


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