The BR foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management structure for BR group related initiatives across its operations.


Benchmark for social initiatives in Ghana and within the Popular BR Group


To improve the quality of lives of people through appropriate social responsibility interventions in communities where BR operates.

Key Objectives

  • Demonstrate BR commitment to and support for community empowerment and national development.
  • To improve upon the BR brand in all operating areas.
  • To enhance the image of BR as a responsible corporate citizen.

A bigger umbrella comprising of the various subsidiaries forming the Blue Rose Group of Companies. The flagship brand BRL-Real Estates has an unwavering dedication of providing quality and affordable housing and we believe everyone should be able to own a decent home if they so desire.

Over the years, the company keeps researching into businesses which the entities can leverage on to improve its profitability and overall performance. This has helped bring about chosen businesses and we are still counting.

- Some of the business entities forming the group structure
  • BLUE ROSE LIMITED (Real Estate)
  • BLUE ROSE CONCRETE PRODUCTS (concrete products)
  • BLUE LODGE (hospitality)
  • BLUE ROSE SPORTS COMPLEX (gym and recreational centre)
  • BLUE ROSE HOUSING MICROFINANCE (committing finance to people for home improvement/support)
  • BLUE ROSE MEDICAL CENTRE (coming soon)
  • BLUE ROSE EDUCATIONAL COMPLEX Latest Engineer Standards
    (maintenance services, estate management services, horticultural services, car washing services)—(coming soon)


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