Property Sketching

Blue Rose Limited believes in giving its clients quality houses and therefore takes salient, standard and adequate steps when it comes to the Sketching and building of its properties.

No matter the type of property, we follow the same high standard routine.

Our steps start with:

1.A visit to the site by a Land and Geological Surveyor to systematically investigate the beneath of the given land for the purpose of creating a geological map and employs the technique of the traditional walk-over survey, soil samples are then taken for testing so as to find out how conducive the land is for building. The surveyor tests for the water density of the land, its acidity content and if there are any slopes that can hinder or help in the building of the property.

2.The Structural Engineer then takes over the report from the land and geological surveyors. The Structural Engineer checks the land measurements and requests for contours.

3.The architect then sketches the various property types based on the site plans by the Land Surveyor and Structural engineering works that have gone on.

4.We use the TRADITIONAL STEP FOUNDATION : This Standard requires that the foundation is 2 FEET DEEP into the earth and 2FEET ABOVE ground.


Our Interior design comes with wardrobes, kitchen cabinets with an inbuilt cooker, water heater, fans, and bath tubs, electrical and plumbing fittings.


Our Exterior encompasses walls, gates, tiled porches, electrical fittings (outside lighting and gate lights) and brick paved grounds.


This is the certification that our Cadastral Site Plan has been signed by a licensed surveyor and approved by the regional surveyor.


This is the approval of the Building Plan gives permit to build. The building plan is signed by our architect and approved at the Town and country planning.


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